About us

AKUO ENERGY GREECE SA established an Aggregator able to represent RES stations at the wholesale electricity market after receiving the 300 MW aggregator license from the Regulatory Authority for Energy


Who we are

GEARS SA is a newly established aggregator that aims to provide optimal forecast for the production of RES Stations on both spot and derivatives market and be responsible for the submission of appropriate offers in the corresponding markets of the wholesale electricity market. GEARS settles all management issues with the Hellenic Energy Exchange and the Clearing House. We are a technology-based company that takes advantage of the latest developments in data analytics and uses new algorithms and real-time data to forecast generation and bring value to its customers. In parallel, GEARS offers monitoring, operation and maintenance services aiming to optimize assets performance.

Akuo SA is an independent global renewable energy power producer and developer. Akuo has been operating in Greece since 2018 (Akuo Energy Greece). The company is present across the entire value chain, including project development, financing, construction, and operation. Akuo had invested more than EUR 2.5 billion to build a portfolio of over 1.3 GW of assets in operation or under construction and a robust 5 GW development pipeline. Akuo Greece has already proceeded with strategic partnerships with key local players of the Greek Market and is dynamically developing a portfolio of all three technologies.

Our Mission

We believe that a fully renewable energy powered future is within reach and can be attained in a cost-effective manner. In that context, our services aim to improve the performance of sustainable energy systems and optimize energy consumption. By blending research and market knowledge, we focus on passionately pursuing the latest innovations and providing the best energy intelligence and solutions for our customers. Above all, GEARS stimulates the implementation of new RES projects to accelerate the energy transition and help the economy growth.


Minimization of forecast errors is the key towards profit maximization


GEARS trading floor have experience from advanced European electricity markets and offers trading solutions ranging from simple power trading to highly specialized products


Minimization of the frequency of failures and malfunctions in equipment, as well as of operating costs


Our Technologies

GEARS specializes in production forecast and trading. Aiming to directly represent our customers to the wholesale market we have developed a state-of-the-art technology, using machine learning and data analytics that allows us to link and control thousands of distributed energy resources. This allows GEARS to play an active role in transforming the energy system towards renewable energies.


What we offer

GEARS networks thousands of electricity producers, electricity consumers and electricity storage systems into one single digital platform. By utilizing live data from the interconnected assets, we aim to improve production forecast and energy trading on a constant basis. Beyond the aggregation side of our business model, we provide operation and maintenance services which secure the optimal operation of RES Stations and enhance efficient communication among the involved entities.


22, Kifisias Avenue, 
Marousi 15125, Greece

+30 210 62 36 440

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